Frequently Asked Questions

Q:           Will having a security system lower my home owners insurance?
A:            Yes! For example, State Farm offers a 10% discount for having a monitored security system.

Q:           I live in Palmer, does A Plus Security service in the Valley area?
A:            Yes! A Plus Security provides residential and commercial alarms, CCTV and access control systems for the entire state of Alaska, regardless of how rural your location might be.

Q:           I have a large dog; will she set off the alarm systems when I’m not home?
A:            Not a problem, our “pet immune” motion detectors will allow your pet to walk freely throughout the home without causing false alarms.

Q:           Do you offer “Personal Emergency Response”?
A:            Yes! We offer emergency medical response pendants that are programmed into your monitored alarm system. We also offer the stand alone “Instant Care” system. This system includes a medical pendant and a main console with 2-way voice for 24-7 unlimited access to a nurse hotline. “Instant Care” is a great resource for the medically fragile, senior citizens and new parents with infants.

Q:           Will I be able to access my alarm system with my smart phone?
A:            Yes! Through the “Total Connect” system, you will have the ability to arm and disarm your system with your phone and receive text messages if there is any activity or trouble. CCTV can also be accessed via your smart phone, allowing you to monitor your property or business while you are away.

Q:           I’m not very “tech savvy”, what happens if I have a problem with my alarm or camera system?
A:            Not a problem, our highly trained staff of technicians are always available to take your call.

Q:           I already have a security system that works, but I am not satisfied with the service of my current security provider. If I want to switch to A Plus Security, will I need to install an entirely new system?
A:            No you do not. We are able to take over any alarm system at little or sometimes no cost to the new customer.

Q:           I recently had a door to door alarm salesman from out of state offer me a free system. Does A Plus Security offer a free alarm system?
A:            We do not. At A Plus Security, we believe in being up front and honest with our customers. These fly by night alarm companies give away their poorly installed systems, and then charge astronomical monitoring fees. By the time the customer realizes they’ve been had, it’s too late! They are stuck in a time sensitive self renewing contract, and they end up paying hundreds of dollars more in the end.